Small Concrete Repairs in Saint Louis, MO

Acinelli Concrete can do everything from sidewalk repairs to stone wall patch work. Let our dedicated team of contractors come out and address all of your small-scale projects. Our prices are affordable, and we have over 40 years of experience in this field. We don't do driveways and parking lots, we work with homeowners to make sure their property is looking its best! Contact us to talk about fixing that concrete staircase, or discuss that crumbling sidewalk.

What We Do

Acinelli Concrete handles all those small residential repair projects homeowners need to keep their property looking great. This includes minor brick work, stone work, sidewalk repair, step repair, porches and much more. Concrete repair is economical and durable. We go out of our way to make sure your repair is completed to your standards and with the highest safety in mind. 

Please call us for any of the following types of jobs:
  • Concrete Porch Replacement or Repair
  • Concrete Step Replacement or Repair
  • Sidewalk Replacement or Repair
  • Exterior Caulking
  • Small Brick Replacement or Repair
  • Concrete Curbing Replacement or Repair
  • General Concrete Patchwork or Repair
  • Iron Handrail Replacement and Repair

Stonework and Concrete Repairs

When it's time to address that unsafe concrete porch, or any other concrete or stonework in and around your home, call the professionals at Acinelli Concrete. We'll have it looking new again in no time. We realize your time and money is precious, which is why provide a repair that will be strong and sturdy for years to come!

Committed to the Client

With 40 years in the concrete business, we have the experience  to repair your concrete or stonework to your specifications. If you have a small project that you have been putting off, don't delay any longer.  Call the professionals at Acinelli Concrete to finally get that repair done! You'll be amazed at how great things look.
Call us at (314) 645-3752!
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